Bathhouse Stories Series

Bathhouse (Bathhouse Stories, Book 1)

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 Based off of Aria Grace's characters Zach and Ryan from her "More Than Friends" series.

Zach and Ryan are ready to get experimental in their relationship. On a trip through New Orleans, Zach introduces Ryan to the pleasures of a bathhouse. Despite his concerns over how it could affect their relationship, Ryan allows Zach to lead him into some intensely erotic situations. 

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Tight Spot (Bathhouse Stories, Book 2)

With his new nickname around the bathhouse, Zeus decides he will not let his heart be broken again. He’ll love ‘em and leave ‘em, but he will not let himself even think about becoming involved. While trying to protect his heart, a stranger leaves a lasting impression that may begin to chisel away at the fortress he’s built around himself. Can he learn to let go and give into his desire to love again?

Kyle never thought he would need to find a way to relax, but when his business partner leaves him in a precarious situation, a friend suggests he go to a bathhouse to relieve some of his stress. Little did he know this one night would lead to a series of events that just might get him out of his tight spot.

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Legal Briefs (Bathhouse Stories, Book 3)

Josh works hard. Between school and an internship at an investment firm, he has little time and even less funds for an adventurous lifestyle. When a friend buys him a membership to a bathhouse, he encounters his knight in shining armor. But when his regular hookup seems to be too good to be true, suspicions and lies may end the relationship before it even starts.

Kimball’s law firm sends him to New Orleans to expand their Dallas law firm into the Crescent City. Deciding to have a little pleasure while in town for business, Kimball falls for a younger guy that he wants to spend time with. But living his life with secrets may prove to be his undoing, and moving to New Orleans to live out his happily-ever-after may become a distant dream.

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Match Point (Bathhouse Stories, Book 4)

Blake’s life seems to be one of perfection. A medical student and ranking tennis champion, he never has the time to realize what’s missing in his life. A chance encounter at a charity auction sends his life into a tailspin. Now with his sights set on a new love, can he be the person everyone expects him to be and still keep the man of his dreams?

Being the friend everyone loves to hang out with is great. But being the one always going home alone isn’t as much fun for Ricky. So when his luck seems to change, Ricky can’t believe he catches the eye of a gorgeous young guy. But as his insecurities mount, Ricky’s inability to love himself may cost him the one man who’s grown to love him for who he really is.

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Still Presence (Bathhouse Stories, Book 5)

A weekend in a cabin up north is the perfect getaway. At least that’s what Tristan and Kyle think when they invite their friends to join them for a holiday vacation. But after the tragedy that befell their friends, can this year’s festivities help Kacy and Mitch learn to live after their loss? Does the Christmas season truly bring hope or will heartache overtake any chance for a Christmas miracle?

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